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There are tactics you can use to get someone in the door of your apartment complex — sleek websites with gorgeous photography, exclusive amenities, promotions, etc. However, once they’re in the door, how do you “wow” them?

One of the fastest ways to send a message is to have a space that looks and feels as unique as you. Whether that’s sophisticated, funky, classic, or trendy, it needs to reflect you. Although box-store canvases and furniture that “requires some assembly” will get the job done, no one we’ve met wants to actually look “generic.” For those looking to create a personalized and exclusive experience, they choose custom.

The Queen Anne Belvedere Apartments located in Baltimore, MD wanted to create a unique, modern look in their otherwise historic apartment building. They had worked with a designer to renovate their lobby, leasing office, and hallways to be more open and contemporary. They had the paint scheme, fixtures, and furniture that they needed to create the modern look, but they were undecided on the art.

web Final Cove Queen Anne Lobby Art  June 2017 DSC_9788 Coyle Studios


The designer had an original concept of hanging 6’x4’ art on glass panels in the lobby. Due to the rules and regulations that surround large sheets of glass on public display, we decided to create metal prints in place of glass. Metal prints are a durable, lightweight alternative art display and fit with the sleek, modern look the Queen Anne Belvedere created.

Based on the location, we presented a portfolio of images that supported the chic message of downtown Baltimore the client wanted to portray. Our client chose to showcase the surrounding city with custom photographic images by Coyle Studios. We created a triptych — three separate panels that create one image — of the Washington Monument in North Baltimore out of 7’x3’ metal panels. A metal panoramic print of the Baltimore Inner Harbor was hung over the couch in the lobby, and a scene from Artscape was displayed above the chair.

Metal prints are available in a variety of finishes and techniques. The result mimics the fixtures and adds a polished look to the prints. A monochromatic color scheme on the largest pieces keeps them in line with the design, strong in their message and composition, but not overpowering the space.

With showstopping pieces like this, the Queen Anne Belvedere wanted to make sure that the rest of their art in the adjoining spaces measured up to and continued the story that the metal prints started to tell.

web coyle studios DSC_0629 final


If the metal prints in the lobby told the story of the city surrounding the Queen Anne Belvedere, then the next chapter to share was the story of the historic building itself. It was important for our client to let their residents understand pictorially, in the adjoining hallway and resident areas, the story of the building they are a part of daily. The client contacted the historical society and received permission to work with and display historic photographs of the building. As the location is a full city block, the restored images from the 1970’s line one wall of the hallway. Each individual brownstone of the building was isolated and presented in its own frame, hung in order the length of the hallway.

For the other side of the hall, we created modern photographs of architectural details of the historic building to serve as still life pieces of fine art. By photographing details from the roof, stonework, and more, we were able to create a look that worked with the juxtaposed art. Bringing the minute details of the turret, gargoyles, and more to eye level served as a conversation starter with residents and potential residents.

Both the historic and architectural details shot were printed on metallic paper to mimic the metal prints. The Queen Anne Belvedere chose neutral matting and a weathered industrial frame that complemented the history in the photographs and the overall aesthetic of the environment. A great deal of thought and effort went into designing this look and choosing this artwork. This was not a concept that was born overnight.

web coyle studios DSC_0588 final


It was important to the Queen Anne Belvedere to create a cohesive art display that embodied the style they were creating while supporting the history of the building. They wanted to tell a story and establish a personalized experience for both their residents and potential residents.

Going into this project, we created a number of potential looks for their lobby. Each one was different — Maryland themes, shots of city life, iconic locations, and more. Over the span of several months, we created original fine art imagery to help bring our client’s vision to life. Our client wanted something fresh and different, and the custom photography inspired them to think outside of the box for their spaces. They originally wanted to feature a medium that was not photography in their hallway, but the beautiful images of their building were perfect for their space. Most people do not look up when they’re walking in and out of their apartment, and these photos put the most beautiful craftsmanship of the building on
display at eye level.

Each aspect of the art tells a story. The city, history, and location are all featured prominently throughout the first floor of the Queen Anne Belvedere. From the lobby, halls, mailroom, and elevator lobby, the custom art cultivates an inviting and intimate environment. It isn’t a lobby with a giant logo and generic art. It’s personal.

web coyle studios DSC_0519 final


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